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ZFM “Your Super Big Radio Channel” was formed by the Owner and Program Director, Zamick Milhouse, who is a 27 year Veteran DJ and Air Personality. 

Being disgusted with Corporate Radio and forced to play the same 5 of 6 songs daily for 3 months every hour, his old school approach to what is considered “Great Music” (and, of course, Technology) he dared to challenge Corporate Radio Fashions and decided to do it in his home town first. Getting a DBA for Global Communications Entertainment Group, was the beginning of the result of ZFM. “Playing Old School Classics, Hip Hop, R&B and Today’s Hottest Music” was his premise and scope as a Professional DJ. Avoiding genre’s like Blues, Zydeco and NeoSoul, Mr. Milhouse trusted that his perception of “Popular Music” was keen. Expanding ZFM to include Reggae and Urban Gospel, Mr. Milhouse, who also has recorded 3 Urban Gospel Albums entitled, ” Eve of the Last Days”, “Lies, Truths and Rumors of War” and “After the Downfall” earn him a recording contract with Tate’s Music Group 3 years ago. Mr. Milhouse likes to share the spotlight, so he is currently looking for “Unsigned Artists” with great songs to add to his album to help others. 

“I believe that ZFM will provide an avenue for Great Talent out there that would have no other way to be heard except actually owning a radio station. There are sooooo many talented folks out there that are being overshadowed by the “Sell-outs” and non talented puppets. ZFM is THE PEOPLE’S STATION, giving back to the community and giving this community a voice in the last days. The New Music Zone is KEY to ACCOMPLISHING THIS MISSION.”


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